Why choose a linen bow tie

Why choose a linen bow tie

by Linen MenLau

Gone are the days in which bow ties must be made of silk. New styles of material are appearing every day. And these styles aren’t just for the catwalk, they are making their way into the streets in droves. Artists such as Nicholas Tee Ruiz have even started making bow ties out of very odd things, including Lego bricks, and even sweet wrappers.

One such new material, albeit slightly less mad than Lego, is linen. Linen is a relatively new material on the scene, appearing the last couple of year, but is becoming more and more common. Strictly used for more casual wear, it hasn’t broken into the formal scene yet. It is good because it is a very flexible material. It also has a great texture which you don’t tend to get from silk, satin or velvet. Machine washable too.

What makes linen such an exciting material to make bow ties out of, is its ability to be printed on. In terms of styles this opens up all kinds of avenues. Normally a designer would have to make patterns by weaving different coloured threads together, which can be a complicated and time consuming process. However now it is as easy as printing off a newspaper. There are actually some examples of people wearing newspaper linen ties. So it is possible for you to send in a picture you want printed onto your tie.

Linen is also very easy to mass produce, the fabric can be woven very easily by machines. This means that most linen bow ties are fantastically cheap. Linen is a hard wearing material also, so it may survive some of the more rowdy weddings you attend.

I’m a huge fan of linen, especially in bow ties. Give it a go!

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