The best bow tie for weddings

The best bow tie for weddings

by Linen MenLau

For most people, their own wedding is a once in a lifetime event. Thousands of dollars are spent on food, flowers, music and of course clothing. It is important that you look smart for your wedding and in the 21st century many people choose to wear bow ties to weddings. Below I will outline what to look for when trying to pick out the right bow tie for your perfect day

Clip on or tie – For me this one is a no-brainer. If you are spending money on a nice suit to wear to your wedding day, or even someone else’s, don’t let down your look by going for a clip on bow tie. Although they tend to look perfectly symmetrical this is a boring look.

Material – There are hundreds of different materials that you can use for your bow tie. The material depends entirely on how formal the look you are going for is. If its classic ‘black tie’ formal attire go with a dark satin tie, or silk. If its more informal I love denim or linen bow ties.  

Pattern – This is another factor that depends entirely on how formal you want to go. As a rule the more formal the wedding, the less patterns on your bow tie. I am a massive fan of blue tartan bow ties but I would never wear one to a formal wedding.

Color – This is where your other clothing comes into play, its great to match a bow tie to your shoes, or even your socks! For a more formal look I would go with a tie that matches closely to the color of your suit.

Bow length/size – This is where bow tie enthusiasts sometimes get bogged down in arguments. This part is all personal choice. As long as your bow tie is not leaving the v shaped area made by your shirt then there is no problem. But you also do not want your tie being too small.

So those are my tips for picking out bow ties for your wedding. My recommendation would be to just go to a store and try different types until you find one that you re comfortable with. Good luck!

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